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Bracket for external PAR sensor on leveling plate [for tripods]

Mounting Bracket for PAR and PYR Sensors Explore

Leveling Plate for PAR/PYR Sensor

Use this plate to mount your PAR/PYR sensor on a meteorological stand. Explore

Exernal PAR Sensor Replacement (for LP80)

External PAR Sensor for AccuPAR LP-80 Explore

SC-1 Leaf Porometer Replacement Leaf Clip

Replacement for the entire head of the SC-1 Leaf Porometer. Explore

SC-1 Accessories Kit

Accessories Kit: 5 Teflon filters, 5 silicone pads, 30 filter papers, dowel pins, Drierite bottle, 10 agitation beads, 3 O-rings, 3 mesh screens, Deionized water, 5 cleaning swabs, Molecular sieve Explore

SC-1 Calibration Kit

Calibration kit (desiccant, 10 beads, tweezers, DI water, calibration block, filter paper) Explore

Desicant (2 OZ. Bottle)

2 oz. bottle of desiccant for use with the SC-1 Leaf Porometer desiccant chamber. Explore

Extra Filter Paper for Calibration (Whatman #3)

Extra filter paper for calibration, Whatman #3, 30 per pkg Explore

Cable adapter, LP-80 RS232, proprietary

Spare cable to connect the LP-80 to your computer. Explore

SC-1 Leaf Porometer Spare Pads for Leaf Clip

Spare pads for leaf clip (set of 5) Explore

SC-1 Leaf Porometer Spare Filter Pack

Spare Teflon filters (pack of 5) for porometers made since January 2012 Explore

SC-1 Leaf Porometer Spare Agitation Beads

Spare agitation beads (pack of 10) Explore

IRT Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket used to mount the IRT sensor to a meteorological stand. Explore